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A business helps develop and attract qualified employees

"Everything in the kit was spec’d by Mopar staffers who began their careers as service techs."

Smart thinking - barbells dedition

Hand-held weights are commonly used for exercise.
But on a boat their round-end shape would roll around.

So sailers in Canada's navy use ones with square ends.


Every piece of product starts with function.

If it's not functional, we shouldn't do it. I think that insulates us from other apparel brands.

Lululemon CEO Laurent Potdevin, quoted by Assocated Press, Times Colonist newspaper of August 19, 2016, in the context of competition in the clothing business field.



Kurmudgeon Keith's Critical Comments:

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Advice for communicating

Not easy, but important.

He said often times people tend to overcomplicate business.
- Business person Jackson Wagner, quoted in the Goldsream Gazette newspaper of May 25, 2016 regarding his experience helping a class in a Junior Achievement day at a school.

Wagner then looked at his own business from that viewpoint.

That's the Lululemon company that got bad publicity for its slow response to customer complaints that its yoga tights were too sheer (revealing).
Recall that the Chairman said that some women shouldn't be wearing Lulemon. He was probably right in that, but.... turned out that the factory in east Asia had changed the product in subtle ways, so the same size pant on the same size body did appear different.

You have to get deep into problems quickly.
And recognize that quality control is even more crucial for high performance products.

Yes, good businesses sometimes do stupid things
Butchart Gardens rejected a couple who were wearing old-style clothing, as the individuals often do. Never mind the variety of attire today, from orange hair and with tie-died clothing through baggie shorts to short shorts on nubile teenagers. (Talk about a distraction! Does Butchart turn them away?)

Lack of sense resulted in the potential customers telling 19,000. people or more on the Internet and in newsppaer articles.




Providing value by professionally applying integrated knowledge of development, installation, testing,
operations, user factors, safety, economics, administration, and people values foundations in the real world.
Product development emphasis includes Vehicle Electronic Systems, Avionics, and user-oriented medical aids.

Methods include TQM, Team-work, Concurrent Engineering, Systems Integration, Fundamental Values Management
- from a perspective of understanding principles for success not as buzz-speak panaceas.

See CAPABILITIES for more information.

I defend what fosters peace & prosperity
- individual freedom
supported by justice & defense.

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